RealTide Public Deliverables - WP1 - Increased Reliability of Tidal Rotors

Deliverable D1.1 Increased Reliability of Tidal Rotors

Summary: This report forms Deliverable 1.1 and details the work of Task 1.1 within WP1 of RealTide. It provides the description of the work carried out on the reliability analysis that have been developed on generic tidal turbines. It covers the description of generic tidal turbines, the development of the reliability methodology based on Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and the resulting recommendations in terms of indication of design improvements and condition monitoring activities to be implemented in order to reduce the occurrence of critical failures. This report also provides the provision elements from Task 1.1 to the other tasks and work-packages, which are the generic tidal turbine failure mode list and analysis to be addressed to Task 1.2 (RAM study) and Task 1.6 (Reliability Database development) and a list of critical failure modes to be mitigated or eliminated by redesign and/or monitoring that will be further analysed and developed in WP5 and WP4 respectively.